3Vial Engine

Nemanja Stojanovic
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  • 2D/3D Engine for image processing, video processing, 3D modeling, animations and simulations for Windows and Linux

Download manual

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  • Windows: double click on 3Vial Engine.exe
  • Linux: "3Vial Engine/3Vial Engine" (Linux version is currently not one file executable)


  • Right click in the viewport - pick node
  • Left mouse - select and drag
  • Middle mouse - drag view
  • Control + Left mouse - cutline
  • Control + Mouse wheel - zoom in/out
  • Click on socket - create connection
  • Ctrl + Click on socket - weak connection
  • Right click on the node - save image

Coming in future version

  • Normal maps
  • PBR materials
  • Skybox
  • Shadows
  • Improving .obj loader. Now is doesn't handle data correctly or even crashes in a lot of cases
  • Procedural branching node (for trees and plants)
  • Full support for .obj and .gltf (with materials). Obj loader still has a lot of issues
  • Many more procedural texture nodes and 2D and 3D modifiers
  • Mouse selection and manual mesh editing tools
  • GPU accelerated texture nodes
  • More procedural primitives
  • Flat shading

Version 0.10

  • Implemented vtx_pos, normals, vtx_normals, face_normals, vtx_connections, normals_connections, uv_connections, vtx_buffer, index_buffer and images_count info nodes
  • Implemented detect_lines, detect_circles, translate, translate_relative, scale, slice_image, get_image modifiers
  • Added range options and filter options with laplacian and scharr kernels to the edges node
  • Fixed text and vignette modifiers
  • Implemented normalize vertices, remap vertices, remap uv, remap normals 3D modifier
  • Implemented remap math node

Version 0.9

  • Implemented modifiers: ddx, ddy, fwidth, contrast, upsample, downsample, extract_color, extract_saturation, extract_intensity, border, border_color, border_colors, border_gradient, border_gradients
  • Implemented area and uv_area info node
  • Implemented clamp, smoothstep, sign, arctan2, distance, round math nodes
  • Implemented torus mesh primitive
  • Removed Python 2 support

Version 0.8

  • Fixed drag and drop events
  • Implemented capsule, cylinder and disc 3D primitives
  • Primitives now have flat and smooth shading options
  • Obj loader now doesn't automatically flat shades objects
  • Fixed normals calculations in all 3D modifier nodes
  • Fixed crashing bugs. Some deleted nodes weren't cleaned from memory
  • Added dependencies description in about section

Version 0.7

  • Added Linux support
  • Implement max, min and abs math nodes
  • Implemented loop or one-way options in looper node
  • Implemented nodes_animation and connections_animation node. Animations can now be stopped if user wants more performance
  • Added glow animation when node is created
  • voronoi_3d and texture_modifier nodes now handle correctly previously applied transform_cpu
  • Added Vec input for voronoi
  • fixed draw_delaunay. It handles general vec input now. This node will have to be heavily optimized in the future
  • Optimized transforms_gpu. Instancing is now around 1000 times faster.

Version 0.6

  • Implemented get_vec_col, grid_vec, range, linspace, random and transform_vec math nodes
  • Info nodes and modifier 3D nodes now support entity or multiple entities
  • Replaces all points sockets to vec sockets
  • Implemented instancing with transforms_gpu modifier node
  • Fixed BUG: when we click on sRGB/RGB icon while using 4 channel image we no longer edit underlying image

Version 0.5

  • Obj loader now supports multiple meshes and materials
  • Implemented .mtl parser. Materials now support diffuse, specular and ambient maps
  • Implemented get_entity, visibility, entites_count, polygon_mode, invert_normals nodes
  • Implemented transform_gpu and transform_cpu node modifiers for one or multiple entities
  • Slice_triangles is now working correctly
  • Math nodes now support both scalars and all n-dimensional vectors (and matrices)
  • All math nodes now show data also in the node's footer
  • Drag and drop events now support: images, videos and obj files

Version 0.4

  • Edited node styles. Node footer now shows fps, execution time and float/int/vec data
  • Added info nodes: mesh uv, mesh uv triangles, triangle count, vertex count
  • Fixed layout, mix uv, multiply, divide and motion blur nodes
  • All node's that don't create or edit images/textures are now multiple times faster and are in tiny mode by default

Version 0.3

  • Added obj loader node (current limitation: multiply objects in .obj file are merged)
  • Meshes can now be rendered as triangles, lines or point
  • FPS is now rendered in node's title.
  • Drastically improved performance in mesh and modifier nodes
  • Added camera movement and rotation speed to camera node
  • Fixed bugs caused by texture node's parameters
  • Added slice triangles modifier
  • GPU material scaling is now exposed in material node
  • Added origin grid

Version 0.2

  • Remove animation nodes: rotation and translation
  • Added lerp combiner node and mask input to all the combiner nodes
  • Added exporter nodes: save image and save video
  • Removed phong and physical material nodes and added generic texture and material nodes
  • Added modifier nodes: dot image, draw delaunay, edges simple, normalize image, ridge
  • Added 3D modifier nodes: Fbm 3D and voronoi 3D
  • Addes style nodes: connections, layout, node shadow
  • Added barcode texture node
  • Added UV nodes: absolute uv, angle uv, circlemap uv, copy uv, distance uv, distort uv, floor uv, interpolate uv, merge uv, mix uv, mod uv, noise uv, smoothstep uv, step uv, swap uv, to polar uv and trigonometry uv
  • Added support for adding custom uv to the texture nodes
  • Added event nodes: keyboard and mouse
  • Added looper node
  • Added math nodes: add, ceil, constant, cos, cosine interp, divide, dot, exp, float floor, integer, length, linear interp, log, mod, multiply, negate, normalize vec, one minus, pow, sin, split vec, sqrt, subtract, to degrees, to radians, vec2, vec3, vec4
  • Added support for connections between math nodes and node parameters
  • Added transform node
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